Why Write?

Posted by Barbara Pierce - August 25th, 2017

I am certain that I was inspired to write during my early elementary school years. Those were the years when teachers read to the younger children. And every child enjoyed listening to the exciting stories and poetry they chose to read aloud to end the day. But I wanted to hear more! At home, I started to try my hand at writing poems and stories, of course without the same results. For quite a while, I kept my writing to myself until my mother came across something I had written and discarded. She was so excited and proud of me, she had to show everyone in the family. After that little incident I was dubbed the “Writer” in the house. From then on I read my stories and poems to anyone that would listen.

 In graduate school I actually wrote my first book as an assignment for a literature course. Though it was a small book, the professor commented that it had great promise. That was encouragement enough for me to seek publishers.

 As a teacher my writing focuses on the interest of my students and the educational value of the material.

A Challenge of Common Knowledge is just such a book that incorporates learning while having fun.There is a second companion book of challenges entitled, A Challenge of Common Knowledge II.


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